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Colm Naughton


New release available from March 2021
Running Through Woods & Falling In Bogholes
12 tracks of newly composed tunes on Tenor Banjo, Tenor Guitar & Mandolin
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The tunes on this album were written over the space of two years and I am delighted to present them here on this recording. But, were it not for two people in particular, it may not have come to pass at all. I was never a very prolific composer, but I had written a few tunes. I played a couple of these at a concert in Kenmare a few years ago where our good friend, Derek Hickey, was in the audience. Derek came back stage after the concert and passed the comment to me that they were nice tunes and did I write much? Of course, I had to answer, 'No', but this got me to thinking, 'Why not?', and the next day I sat down and wrote the first of the barndances on this album. From there I continued to compose tunes with more regularity but without any particular plan in mind. That was until one day my wife, Orlaith, said to me, 'Why don't you record them?'. This got me to thinking again, and my focus became to write enough material for a full album. I aimed to keep the tunes as varied and diverse as possible while, at the same time, attempting to them within the traditional idiom. In about October 2019, I completed the writing process but this is where the project came to a stand-still for a while. Then, as we all know, lockdown hit in March 2020. Well, I thought to myself, here is my opportunity, so I cobbled together a home studio and set to work. This is the resulting album.


I have many people to thank for their help and support to get this project together, so here we go. Orlaith Keane and Derek Hickey for setting the the seeds. My family, Orlaith(again), Matthew and Ellie May for their support and patience during this project and in general. My parents and all others that have gone before me who passed on their love of the music. My siblings for showing me the way through the woods and how to make bows and arrows. The wonderful musicians I was privileged to have join me; Finbarr Naughton, Orla Henihan, Derek Hickey, Catherine McHugh, Kenny Fahy, Brian McGrath, Jamie O'Neill and Matthew Berrill. Stuart Condron for his magical ears. Sam Proctor for being a master masterer. Mariana Soto for the photography. Pearse Doherty for the loan of the ladder. Matt & Florence Keane. Pat Coyne.


I hope you enjoy!



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